Images from the twelve days of Christmas 2016-7

First Day of Christmas – Christmas Day


The lead story on the ABC news today was the heart warming story of PM Malcolm Turnbull with wife Lucy volunteering at the community Christmas Dinner at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross. We were told that the PM has done this for many years and that the Chapel is in the PM’s electorate of Wentworth. The photo shows the PM enjoying his time with people at the lunch.

A pesky journalist asked the PM for his response to the death the previous day of Manus Island detainee Faysal Ishak Ahmed.  Fellow detainees told the Refugee Action Coalition (RAC) that Faysal had been ill for more than six months with constant headaches and heart problems. He presented to the medical facility at the detention centre and was told that he did not need medical attention. Two days later he was dead.

Malcolm Turnbull assured the people of Australia that Australia’s policy towards refugees is “fair and compassionate”. I wonder what the definition of compassionate is in his dictionary.

Second Day of Christmas – Boxing Day


(Photo – Jacob Choi)
While millions of Australians were out hunting for Boxing Day bargains I came across this fantastic gift idea from Debbie Choi – the “Zero Emissions Car” made for daughter Shiphrah.

Third Day of Christmas – December 27


A photo of Lana on our walk from Nelly Bay across to Picnic Bay.

Fourth Day of Christmas – 28 December


Here are some of the figures from the First Dog Onthemoon Do It Yourself Intra-Denominational Nativity Scene which can be downloaded here. If you start working on it now you should have it ready for Christmas 2017.

Fifth Day of Christmas – 29 December


The image is from a thought provoking video clip from Al Jazeerah that shows the difficulties that Mary and Joseph would have if they tried to walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem today.

Sixth Day of Christmas – 30 December

Worsening Weather Fails To Stem Migrant Flow
(Photo – Etienne De Malglaive via Getty Images)

Another inconvenient reminder from the Middle East. This photo is taken from an article in the Huffington Post that reminds us that Jesus together with his family were refugees.

Seventh Day of Christmas – New Year’s Eve


Perfect for the last day of 2016 –  our friends in Amnesty International in the UK suggest 33 reasons to be positive from this year.


Eighth Day of Christmas – New Year’s Day


A suggestion for 2017.

Ninth Day of Christmas – 2 January


One of my intentions for 2017 is to paddle across to Magnetic Island at least once each month. I got off to a good start on this the second day of the year.

Tenth Day of Christmas – 3 January


In Australia we can be thankful for groups like Mums 4 Justice and their National Justice Project.

Eleventh Day of Christmas – 4 January


When things are getting too serious we all need a little Leunig.

Twelfth Day of Christmas – 5 January


On the first Friday of each month, members of Townsville’s  Amnesty International Action group meet outside the office of Federal MP Cathy O’Toole.


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Peter Hanley has lived in North Queensland for more than 30 years. His interests include human rights, social justice, sustainability and community development. True North explores issues in these areas.
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One Response to Images from the twelve days of Christmas 2016-7

  1. Helen says:

    Enjoyed your little ramble Peter,
    The idea that some lives matter less is the root of evil.

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