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Peter Hanley has lived in North Queensland for more than 30 years. His interests include human rights, social justice, sustainability and community development. True North explores issues in these areas.

Christmas – a time of high risk factors for Affluenza

In November the Roy Morgan Research Centre together with the Australian Retailers’ Association predicted that Australians would spend $50 Billion over the Christmas trading period. By sector this includes $20.2 Billion on food (including alcohol), $8.7 Billion on household goods, … Continue reading

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In the Care of our Common Home

In October Bill Ray, The Anglican Bishop of North Queensland and Tim Harris, the Catholic Bishop of Townsville released a joint statement “In the Care of our Common Home: Sister Earth”. Recalling numerous past Christian leaders who have reminded us … Continue reading

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Young people make it look so easy

I was invited to participate in the Australian-ASEAN Youth Forum organised by the Asia Education Foundation and held at Kirwan High School on Friday 20 October. The Australia-ASEAN Youth Forum brought together 65 students from four schools to discuss key … Continue reading

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The “Game of Mates” is alive and well in Australia’s universities

On Tuesday 19 September, Brendan Edgeworth presented the Annual Social Justice lecture at James Cook University on the topic of “Poverty, Inequality and the Law in Australia”. Prof Edgeworth told us that on a range of indicators Australia is a … Continue reading

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Why we need to Stop Adani

Several weeks ago I was one of 150 plus people down at the Townsville Entertainment Centre delivering our StopAdani message to ALP members arriving for the ALP Queensland State Conference. Later that morning I met a friend who seeing my … Continue reading

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Is this really the end for the Great Barrier Reef?

Last Saturday the North Queensland Conservation Council hosted a screening of “Chasing Coral”, a recently released film that documents the disastrous bleaching events that have destroyed large areas of coral reef around the world. Following the film there was a … Continue reading

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What happened to the boundless plains? What happened to sharing?

This week is celebrated in Australia as Refugee Week. It is a week for us to celebrate the contribution made to our community by those who have come to Australia as refugees. It is also a good time to reflect … Continue reading

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